Ohio Senate Bill 3 will improve job outlook for people with criminal records by streamlining CQE petition process

Certificates of Qualification for Employment (CQEs) increase the likelihood that people with criminal records will be considered for jobs, licensing, and certification. Senate Bill 3 will make the CQE petition process more usable for individuals by removing a technical and confusing step in the petition process, expanding eligibility to more jobseekers, and designating rulemaking authority to the DRC to create criteria for shortening a person’s wait time for submitting a CQE petition.  Because 1 in 6 Ohioans has some sort of criminal record, this bill could potentially affect over 1.9 million people in Ohio, many of whom are not able to get jobs in well-paying fields that require licensing or certification. This keeps individuals and their families in poverty.  The Ohio Poverty Law Center testified in support of Senate Bill 3 during a hearing in the Senate Transportation, Commerce and Workforce Committee. Congratulations to the Committee for tackling this very important issue.  For more information, download the testimony by clicking here.