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Publications & Materials

Manufactured Homes and Mobile Homes

Ohio Manufactured/Mobile Home Law Manual

A comprehensive manual discussing the myriad of laws and regulations governing the purchase, transportation, set-up, location and occupancy of manufactured and mobile homes in Ohio, designed for lawyers who help the consumers and occupants of manufactured housing and manufactured home parks.

Access the manual, sample pleadings and unreported cases.

Note:  The manual and accompanying residents’ rights booklet were made possible in part by a Grant from the Ohio State Bar Foundation

Your Rights and Responsibilities As A Manufactured (Mobile) Home Park Resident in Ohio – an informational booklet for residents of Ohio manufactured home parks.

Fair Housing for Ohioans with Criminal Records

For Public Housing Providers

This is a resource for housing providers that want to learn more about Ohioans with criminal records, the barriers that individuals with criminal records face in obtaining housing, and legal implications when housing providers use criminal records to screen applicants and remove current residents.  It contains links to the documents and policies that it summarizes so that you can read more about topics that interest you.

For Individuals with Criminal Records

This is a brochure containing information for individuals with criminal records who are seeking safe, affordable housing in Ohio. Although the information is not exhaustive, it directs applicants and residents to information about the law, their rights, and additional resources.

For Housing Applicants with Criminal Records

This is a one-sheet resource on information that an applicant or resident with a criminal conviction may present to a housing to advocate for yourself.  While landlords should not automatically reject your application due to your criminal record (with a few exceptions), reality requires that you prepare to explain why you are not a threat to the safety of other residents or their property.  This resource can help you do that.

For More on Your Fair Housing Rights

You can find more information about your Fair Housing rights by visiting the Southeastern Ohio Legal Services (SEOLS) website: In addition to instructions on how to file a complaint, the page contains information about your right to be free of housing discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin.   Information on housing rights for domestic violence victims is also available.

Self-Help Legal Manual for Unmarried Partners

This is a self-help manual for unmarried partners and couples who want to learn more about their legal rights under Ohio law regarding property, marriage, property, debts, housing, paternity, child custody and visitation, child support, domestic violence, estate planning, same-sex marriage, and cohabitation (living together) agreements. It includes sample forms for a cohabitation agreement and a child co-custody agreement for unmarried couples. While this manual is not a substitute for legal advice, it is designed to help unmarried couples understand the most common legal issues they may encounter.

The Legal Rights of Unmarried Partners Manual for Attorneys

This is a comprehensive manual and training guide for attorneys about the legal rights of unmarried partners under Ohio law. The manual covers a wide range of issues including same-sex marriage, property, housing law, family law, domestic violence, and estate planning issues. It also includes citations to relevant legal authorities, a sample cohabitation agreement, and a sample co-custody agreement (court entry) for unmarried couples.

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