Medicaid expansion is a win-win for Ohio

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August 28, 2013:  the Ohio Poverty Law Center releases fact sheets showing why Medicaid expansion is a win-win for Ohio

For Immediate Release:  August 28, 2013

Facts show that Medicaid expansion is a win-win for Ohio  

The Ohio Poverty Law Center released fact sheets on health care coverage and spending for each of Ohio’s 88 counties showing why expanding Medicaid makes good dollars and good sense for Ohio.

The reports highlight each county’s number of uninsured residents and residents who would be eligible for Medicaid under an expansion to 138% of the federal poverty level and the amount of uncompensated medical health care provided by hospitals.

The cost of hospital services in Ohio exceeded 30 billion dollars in 2011.  About 2 billion dollars of those services were not compensated from individuals, Medicaid or any other insurance program.  Uncompensated care shifts costs to insured patients and takes money away from local economies.

“We hope these fact sheets help Ohioans, elected officials and communities across the state to better understand how expanding Medicaid will let their residents get the health care they need and also help their local economies,” said Eugene King, director of the Ohio Poverty Law Center.

Depending on the county, between about one half to two-thirds of residents currently uninsured would become eligible for Medicaid under an expansion to 138% of the federal poverty level.

More than two million Ohioans are now enrolled in Medicaid and an estimated 375,000 more Ohioans could become eligible under an expansion.

“Access to affordable health care helps families become more stable and secure.”

“Expanding Medicaid would increase access to needed medical care, dramatically reduce uncompensated care and pump money into local economies.  It is a winning strategy for our residents and our communities,” King added.

To read the fact sheets, click here.