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Ohio Weighs Future Expansion of Medicaid

OPLC Director Gene King Quoted in Blade Article on Medicaid Expansion,

“Medicaid is a vital program to keep low-income Ohioans healthy. I hope the state will take the opportunity to expand the program as broadly as allowed by federal law,” said Eugene King, director of the Ohio Poverty Law Center in Columbus, a low-income advocacy group, in a telephone interview Monday. “We have a huge number of uninsured Ohioans who should have insurance to live healthier, more productive lives. Every person who is uninsured shifts costs to the rest of the population.”

medicaid-mccarthyJohn B. McCarthy, State Medicaid Director, talks about a new benefit option for Ohio Medicaid enrollees with serious and persistent mental illness at the Zepf Center. 

Even though it’s not yet clear if Ohio’s Medicaid program will expand in 2014, officials are examining what could be involved in bringing an additional million Ohioans onto the rolls of the program that provides health care for low-income Americans.

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